Cyrille Varet a accompagn au fil des annes son approche de designer de ralisation artistiques, avec le mtal comme fil conducteur, et souvent en lien avec les thmes et inspirations de ses collections de mobilier.
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An overview of past exhibitions and artistic collaborations.

An overview of current achievements, projects and exhibitions.

Kadewe Berlin Furniture exhibition
Exhibition of Cyrille Varet's funrniture (Sofas, Chairs and Chandeliers) presentation at Europe's largest department store: KaDeWe in Berlin

Workshop and showroom
Cyrille Varet's designs are exhibited in Paris at Galerie UMCEBO, 102 Bd Diderot - 75012 Paris

Loopkin chair, created with cartoonist Enki Bilal
Loopkin Armchair, created with cartoonist Enki Bilal for an exhibition organized under the Viaduc des Arts in Paris.

Anne-Catherine Becker Echivard Exhibition
Anne-Catherine Becker Echivard exhibition